Left-Wing Ideologies In The Modern Socio-Cultural Space Of Russia And The West


Modern world challenges the man in some new global ways. Thus, the people's need in ideologies showing the ways of living is still strong. The left-wing discourse – the ideas of social justice, equality, the elimination of class division and restrictions on private property – is one of the most popular ideological layers today. Many researchers turn their attention to the modern left-wing agenda, but most often approach it from economic, political, sociological or historical positions. Within the framework of this study, based on the works of various scientific fields, a generalizing axiological, semiotic and structural and functional assessment of the left-wing ideological spectrum in its semantic contents, mythological and religious manifestations, media and artistic forms and socio-cultural influence is carried out. The result of the research was the formation of a general picture of the phenomenon of left-wing ideological discourse, which in the mechanisms and principles of its existence is comparable to mythology and religious trends, and in propaganda methods and approaches is based on emotionality, aggressiveness, a "black-and-white" vision of the world and ineradicable conflict. At the same time, the collectivist, humanistic motives of left-wing ideologies, their practical orientation (although also controversial) and the use of a scientific and philosophical base are also emphasized.

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28 December 2021

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Culture, communication, history, mediasphere, education, law

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