Performance Indicators In Plan For The Development Regional Transport Industry


The structure of a strategic plan is described. The two-level system of strategic plans according to L.N. Ganshina is studied. Structural specification of the system of strategic documents in the transport sector showed that transport strategies correspond to the strategic plan for the development of the industry as a model, when there are several development scenarios with a different set of starting parameters and consequences, but the practical value of calculations is questionable The structure of strategic plans for the development of urban passenger transport has been developed. The balanced Caplan / Norton scorecard is analyzed. We propose a format for a balanced development strategy and a portfolio of development strategies for the RTI whose practical fulfillment and feasibility should be ensured through a strategic plan. All resources, enterprises and employees of the regional systems are focused on the implementation of strategic goals through planning, motivation and control systems, related to a set of balanced indicators. The advantage of the BSC method is that companies which have implemented a strategically oriented management system starting from the lowest levels have a “frame of reference” that helps to determine behavior in accordance with the strategy at all levels. The issue of application of the balanced Caplan / Norton scorecard for the transport sector is studied.

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29 November 2021

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Cultural development, technological development, socio-political transformations, globalization

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