On The Relationship Between Russian And Chinese Languages


This article is devoted to the question of the genetic relationship of the Chinese and Russian languages. Using the well-known law of logic, by which, if A = B and B = C, then A must be equal to C, the authors show that Russian language, a part of the Slavic group of Indo-European languages, can be considered akin to the Chinese as the Chechen language, along with other North Caucasian languages. This sensational theory related to the Chinese language was proposed by Sergey Starostin. To prove the validity of the question of the kinship of the Russian and Chechen languages, the authors identified more than 70 verbal correspondences in them. However, due to the limited volume of the article, it had to be divided into approximately two equal parts. In this first part of the article, only 50 verbal parallels are considered. The authors plan to study the remaining 20 verbal parallels in their next publication. The total number of verbal parallels identified in the study includes "verba dicendi", verbs of movement, verbs with «burning» semantics, verbs denoting labor actions, and verbs that are not included in a particular thematic group due to their uniqueness. The authors "naturally" do not give any Chinese correspondences to the Russian-Chechen parallels under consideration, suggesting that the supporters of S. Starostin's Sino-Caucasian theory do so, relying entirely on their high competence in the field of Chechen-Chinese language relations.

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29 November 2021

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Cultural development, technological development, socio-political transformations, globalization

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