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Interdisciplinary Integration In Professional Training Of Future Teacher

Table 4: Level of content component of soft skills

Level Description Grade
Advanced Solid knowledge of the essence of integration. A student seeks to get to know himself and those around him, shows high degree of activity in professional activities. A student mirrors the forms of integration effectively distributing attention and relying on comprehensive knowledge. He/she shows interest in scientific and practical knowledge (4.4–5)
Sufficient A student simulates an individual system of activity. He/she independently obtains information for the development of interdisciplinary competence. He/she has partial understanding of the essence and content of interdisciplinary competence (3.2–4.4)
Beginner A student possesses superficial knowledge in scientific and practical areas, as well as mechanisms and structures of integration. The need for the development of scientific and practical skills is insufficiently developed. Lack of activity and initiative (1–3.2)
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