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Interdisciplinary Integration In Professional Training Of Future Teacher

Table 3: Content self-assessment results

Criteria EG(Kalmyk State University and Bryansk State University students) CG(Kalmyk State University and Bryansk State University students)
Average score Average score
Knowledge about the essence of interdisciplinary integration is sufficiently mastered 4.0 1.8
Complete understanding of scientific and practical knowledge necessary for development of interdisciplinary competence 2.7 1.3
Complete understanding of features of the process of integrating scientific and practical knowledge 3.9 2.0
Practical application of the acquired knowledge in professional activity 4.6 2.0
Use of didactic and methodological means of integration into professional situations 4.3 3.2
Average score by group 4.3 3.2
Standard deviation by group: 0.2 0.2
Calculated value of Studen’'s t-test 25
Average score for all groups: 3.8
Levels Range
Beginner (1–3.2)
Intermediate (3.2–4.4)
Advanced (4.4–5)
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