Research Of Value Orientations Of Engineering Students In The Context Of Globalization


Research of the life values of Russian students at an engineering university was conducted in order to determine their life attitudes and orientation towards the future. The survey was divided into 2 groups with 101 respondents. The value component was noted in the speech markers of social value expressed by the respondents in their discourse and set semantic speech units (phraseology and aphoristics). The discourse as a social process shows the results of mental analysis at the personal and cultural level of social interaction, while the cognitive apparatus of a person generates phraseology and aphoristics as verbal and cultural axiological codes reflecting the value picture of a particular native speaker. The subject of the research is the identity and life attitudes of Russian student youth, seen as a subcultural association. Targets have been set to identify which values are dominant among Russians in comparison with the foreigners, whether the value picture among Russian respondents is stable or changing due to world globalization processes and the active participation of youth at international cultural associations with youth subcultures tendencies. We tried to reveal, using phraseological units and aphorisms, whether the value picture has been enhanced due to foreign borrowings, or do we have the displacement of national speech markers of other value connotations? The stability of the value picture, the dominance of basic moral values, attitudes towards study and work, active melioration of aphoristics through borrowings that do not contradict the moral values of the national picture of the world are revealed.

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