A Muslim Woman Image In Mediatexts Of Sociocultural Problematics: A Linguoculturological Aspect


The relevance of the study is due to the growing interest to the creating the image of a Muslim woman in modern Russian-language media. The purpose of this work is to systematize and describe the "Muslim woman” characteristics image from the standpoint of linguoculturology on the material of socio-cultural issues media texts. The research materials were articles from the modern Russian-language online magazine "Muslim Woman". To establish the means of the analyzed image verbalization, a conceptual analysis of linguistic units was used; to identify the means of linguistic representation of a Muslim women image a contextual-interpretive analysis was applied; also, the method of ordering and generalization was used. The linguoculturological analysis has demonstrated the presence of a certain number of characteristics that arise in the minds of a modern readers regarding the image of a Muslim woman, which include the following: a keeper of the family hearth, a supporter for a man, a submissive and obedient wife, an all understanding mother. During the study, it was also found that in the modern Russian-speaking linguistic community, certain shifts in the analyzed image are beginning to be observed, since new characteristics of a modern Muslim woman begin to form in it: the desire to climb the career ladder, a large share of independence from men, the ability to express their thoughts. A prospect for further research is considered to be the study of the representation of the Muslim wife image in other modern Russian-language media.

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