Characteristics Of The Modern Russian Political Terminology


The article analyses the principle of forming political terminology, which is a main way to enrich the contents of political linguistics. The definition of the term is clarified from the standpoint of linguistics, and two opposite approaches to its definition are considered. Considering the view of semiotics in term studying, it is emphasized that its definition is focused on the referential function and refers to one or another special area of knowledge. Studying the definition of term under the background of terminology means that term is a stylized symbol which expresses or clarifies a professional concept by diction or text. Based on these definitions, it is possible to consider some specific special concepts in the field of political terminology of the Russian language in terms of its structure and contents. The political terminology of the Russian language is a special group among the terminologies. In its structure, there is a productive model in the formation of terms and a significant number of borrowed political lexemes through. The content of political terminology reflects the totality of knowledge, covers all the fragments of modern political reality and demonstrates its uniqueness and generalization of the term. Particular attention is paid to the metaphorical nature of the term. The study of the terminology of the Russian language shows the presence of a large number of metaphorical phenomena, the presence of metaphorical models, metaphorical terms, which is a separate area that deserves further research.

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