Innovative Marketing In The Focus Of The Economy On Innovative Development


The authors investigate the issue of manifested and justified focus of the Russian economy on innovative development. The authors emphasize the existence of expert forecasts highlighting the need of Russia to increase the presence of innovative institutions and infrastructure while maintaining a high position in terms of human capital and entrepreneurship. This situation emphasizes the demand for marketing skills. In this context, the authors study the importance of marketing in positive innovation-oriented transformations of the economy. The authors follow the focus on innovative development, highlighting the role of marketing and its innovative component providing the adaptive transformation of market agents’ activities under the current market environment. The authors analytically examine the evolution of views on marketing of innovations, commercialization, inter-entrepreneurial marketing and innovative marketing. The authors identify the most used concepts of marketing of innovations and innovative marketing in the general framework of economic systems’ innovative orientation. The authors concluded that it is reasonable to use the innovative marketing as broader, more representing and complex term the following contexts: 1) bringing an innovation to the market through creative solutions and innovative marketing tools; 2) bringing out and/or maintaining the market position of the product which is no longer innovative in terms of technology, but also brought to the market with the help of non-standard solutions. This seems to be significant in innovative updates relevant to the overall focus of the economy on innovative development.

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