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Identification And Assessment Of Labour Risks

Table 1: Advantages and disadvantages of risk assessment methods

Method Name Advantages of the method Disadvantages of the method
Method of a test leaf (check sheet) Simplicity and efficiencyPossibility of taking into account the opinion of employees Skipping Important PointsPoor quality issues
Elmery system Risk assessment of the entire organization Difficult to use for developing risk management activities
"What happens if...?" Widely applicableReview system-wide response to variances Careful preparationQualified and experienced coordinator
Brainstorming method EfficiencyEffectiveness in preliminary discussions Inequality of methods
Delphi method Equivalence of anonymous opinionsThere is no need to collect all in one place at one time Labor inputNeed to clearly express opinions in documented form
Structured or partially structured interview method Ensuring the participation of all stakeholders Significant time costs
Matrix method prevalenceclarity Error in risk assessment
Fine-Kinney method Easy to calculateVisibility Subjectivity
Hazard identification method Early Hazard Analysis Complexity
Hazard and Operability Study Advanced Hazard AnalysisIdentify inaccuracies in instructions High time and material costsAvailability of detailed documentation
Analysis of failure types and consequences Complex Technical Systems Analysis Significant TimeLabour input
Failure tree analysis (faults) Identification of causal relationships Time factor is not consideredOnly qualitative accounting of personnel-related errors
Event tree analysis PresentationApplication at all stages of operation Probability of non-detection of significant initial eventsRecord only good or bad system condition
Preliminary hazard analysis Early identification of risksAccounting for corrective measures to eliminate hazards Does not provide detailed information about risks and ways to reduce them
Assessment of human factor influence Formalized Way to Include Human Factor Complexity and Diversity of Worker CharacteristicsPersonnel do not have a clear set of strictly correct or incorrect actions
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