Socio-Political Crisis And Education


At the heart of modern socio-political crises and "colour" revolutions is the violation of the balance of stability and variability in the sphere of social relations. Stagnation in public life, lack of expected changes, loss of prospects - this is what excites the spirit of people, leads to social explosions and colour revolutions. The lack of changes in public consciousness is most often associated with the need to change leaders to those who can generate new ideas and goals. The public demand for true leaders is not being met by the modern education system. True leaders, passionaries are expressed people of the spirit world, they live in the material world, but this part of life is auxiliary for them. The world of the spirit is embodied in the processes of development and change. The analysis of learning objectives showed an obvious tilt of the modern education system towards the study, mastering and improvement of technologies to the detriment of the study of fundamental sciences and the synthesis of new models. While the ability to create and apply models is the hallmark of a true leader. In the educational process, it is necessary to return those learning goals that are associated with the skills and aspirations to create all types of models, as well as develop training courses aimed at training specialists who can create and use models of all types.

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