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Assessment Of Implementing The New Information Technologies At Providing Banking Services

Table 2: Authentication technologies

Technology name Essence Disadvantages
Multiple password authentication It is based on the constant use of one iteration of the entered data when registering in the system. The principle of operation is to compare the login / password pair with a reference value from the user account database. interception of the entered data and their use in other people's interests;limited scope of data entry.
One-time password authentication Uses different passwords for each new access request. all passwords are required for access, which creates inconvenience in storage near the user;unreliable storage of passwords and insecurity from copying.
Authentication upon presentation of a digital certificate According to the protocol with a request and a response, the authentication server sends the user a sequence of characters called a request, and the software of the client computer to generate a response generates a digital signature under the request from the authentication server using the user's private key. insecurity from copying;high vulnerability to spyware.
Smart cards Standard bank card size cards that have a built-in chip. high cost;susceptibility to interference in the form of electromagnetic fields;insufficient prevalence of interoperable hardware.
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