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Assessment Of Implementing The New Information Technologies At Providing Banking Services

Table 1: Identification technologies

Technology name Essence Disadvantages
Barcode It is based on the application of graphic information in the form of successive black and white stripes or other geometric figures on the surface of something, which makes it possible to read it by technical means. identification tag data cannot be supplemented;small amount of data (usually no more than 50 bytes);the data on the tag is presented in clear text and does not protect against counterfeiting and theft;barcode marks are short-lived, because not protected from dust, moisture, dirt, mechanical influences.
Radio Frequency Identification Device It uses radio waves to automatically identify objects. The technology is based on the use of the energy of an electromagnetic field, which allows reading and writing data to a special device - an RFID tag. The received information can be supplemented or rewritten. the operability of the tag is lost in case of partial mechanical damage;the cost of the system is higher than the cost of the barcode system;the complexity of self-manufacturing;susceptibility to interference in the form of electromagnetic fields;distrust of users due to the possibility of using it to collect information about people;insufficient openness of the developed standards.
Magnetic Stripe Identification It implies the use of cards that have magnetic strips intended for storing information. Information is recorded by magnetizing tiny particles on the surface of the strip containing iron (a magnetic material). Magnetic cards are triggered when you swipe in a certain direction along the reader slot. limitation on the amount of information that can be recorded on the magnetic stripe;insecurity from copying;sensitivity to dirt, mechanical damage (for example, scratches, breakage), moisture;short service life (no more than 1-1.5 years).
Biometric Identification The technology is based on the use of statistical analysis of biological observations and phenomena - an automated method, with the help of which unique anatomical and physiological characteristics and behavioral characteristics of a person are recorded for further identification of his personality. high cost;maintenance problems.
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