Digital Technologies In Mathematical Education


The article discusses the issues of digitalization and integration of mathematics education. The use of information technologies in teaching mathematical disciplines on the basis of practice-oriented tasks has been substantiated. The integrative presentation of information is disclosed due to its compression, concentration, generalization, as an effective tool for rationalizing memorization and understanding. Integration of mathematical education obliges to consider objects and phenomena of reality in their interconnection and interdependence. In these conditions, the view on intra- and intersubjective connections changes. In a number of cases, mathematics should become not a source, but a consumer of the knowledge offered in the classroom in general professional disciplines, relying on ideas formed in the study of these disciplines. In the work, the issues of digitalization and integration of mathematical education are revealed on the basis of a practice-oriented problem in probability theory and mathematical statistics. An algorithm for studying the parameters of the binomial distribution using the MS Excel spreadsheet is presented. A study was carried out and it was shown that for a large number of trials n, the binomial distribution, even with p significantly different from 0.5, is fairly accurately approximated by the normal distribution. The use of information technologies in teaching mathematical disciplines contributes to an increase in the level of mathematical training of future specialists of the EMERCOM of Russia, as well as the formation and development of professional motivation.

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