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Crisis Management Of Industrial Facilities In Overcoming The Consequences Of The Pandemic

Table 2: Steps and tools to address the impact of the pandemic on industrial facilities with an anti-vaccine component (Belousov & Goncharov, 2019; Melnikov, 2011).

Process Milestones Toolkit
Identification of the possibilities of complete or partial withdrawal of the enterprise from the current crisis situation and initial assessment of the probability of achieving a positive forecast of the implementation of the anti-crisis program. Economic analysis, strategic analysis, financial analysis, analysis of the external and internal environment of an industrial enterprise
Systematic assessment of the financial situation of an industrial enterprise, carried out on a regular basis at certain time intervals (the more risk factors, the more likely any negative phenomenon will affect production; therefore, the number of factors determines the individual number of assessments and the time of their implementation for a particular enterprise). Rapid analysis of the financial condition of the enterprise, including: horizontal and vertical analysis of financial and economic reporting, analysis of the solvency of the enterprise, analysis of financial stability, analysis of the profitability of industrial production. In the current epidemiological situation, rapid analysis should be carried out with decreasing intensity.
Financial and economic diagnostics of the enterprise bankruptcy in order to determine the real scale of the crisis threats (identification of atypical characteristics of the current situation) (Ovsyannikov, 2016). Extended financial and economic analysis, diagnosis of financial recovery, two-factor, five-factor, modified Altman models.
Determination of factors and conditions contributing to the development of industrial activity at the peak of the crisis situation, as well as during periods of its increase or decrease. Business research aimed at identifying the real behavior and needs of the consumer segment. Socio-economic analysis, assessment of the resource component.
Development of anti-crisis target installations of the enterprise, formation of a certain concept and approach to production management Organizational performance analysis, strategy development, modelling of likely developments
Development of anti-crisis target installations of the enterprise, formation of a certain concept and approach to production management.Formation and implementation of an anti-crisis program and corresponding subroutines of an industrial enterprise. Definition of tasks and functions of structural subdivisions. Synchronization of flows of real assets, restructuring of production, development of specific projects to overcome the consequences of the crisis, economic reorganization of the enterprise (Glukhova & Behtina, 2016).
Development of a new anti-crisis management plan (preliminary elaboration of the company's situational response to the consequences of anti-crisis measures). Anti-vaccine training programs, Gantt diagrams and cyclograms, network and tape allocation of resources to achieve the goals.
Create a motivational environment. Improvement of intangible motivation. Optimization model of combination of interests of employees of the enterprise.
Introduction into the strategic policy of an industrial enterprise of newly formed incentives and directions of financial and economic activity, methods and approaches of anti-crisis production management. Analysis of data on financial operations of the enterprise, planning and development of budgets, improved logistics model of supply of the enterprise and sales of products.
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