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Economic Security Provision In Smart Towns

Table 2: The specific features of individual cities

Specificity Example Solution
Cities located close to military operations, border lines Jerusalem, Gaza (Israel-Palestine), border cities of the southern part of the Republic of Turkey (border with Syria), Installation of public warning systems, border monitoring systems, emergency call systems for emergency services
Cities located in unfavorable climatic zones or in zones of natural disasters and unforeseen incidents Oimyakon (Russia) - temperature - 71 2 ° C, Installation of warm bus stops, sites where people can get warm, public warning systems in case of weather deterioration
Los Angeles (USA)located in a seismically dangerous areaCatania (Italy) - located near the volcano EtnaPasto (Colombia) - located near the volcano Galeras Installation of emergency public warning systems, installation of avalanches and earthquakes analyzing and forecasting systems, installation of climate monitoring systems and emergency deployment sites for special services
Cities located close to solid waste landfills or nuclear waste disposal or toxic waste landfills Lagos (Nigeria)Las Vegas (USA)New Delhi (India)Varanasi (India) Installation of modern systems and sensors to monitor the communal situation in the city, as well as the construction of waste processing enterprises and water treatment systems.
Cities located close to hazardous facilities, including army depots Bruce (Canada) - located near a nuclear power plantGyeongsangbuk-do (South Korea) - located near a nuclear power plantDunkirk (France) - located near a nuclear power plantSeversk (Russia) – there is a chemical plant in the cityAchinsk (Russia) - located near military artillery depots Installation of universal duplicate operational emission warning systems, the establishment of emergency sites for obtaining the necessary equipment (gas masks, first-aid kits, etc.)
Satellite cities Smart City - Kazan (Russia)Academic - Yekaterinburg (Russia)Queenstown - Singapore (Singapore)Tres Cantos - Madrid (Spain)Evry - Paris (France) Introduction of mechanisms and programs supporting rapid integration with the city
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