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Economic Security Provision In Smart Towns

Table 1: New directions for the smart cities development

Country Smart city innovation
China (Beijing) City parking lots management and parking lots design during construction.
Georgia (Batumi) Climate risk forecasting system to support the agricultural sector, the highway sector and the architectural development of the city.
England (London) Fire prediction program for city districts and for each house separately.
USA (New York) Sensor detection system that pinpoints the location of gunfire by vibration and sends the information to law enforcement.
USA (Boston) Data collecting system using in-vehicle sensors to provide details concerning road and traffic conditions
Spain (Madrid) “Service ecosystem” i.e. a system to monitor the quality of services performed by providers and the corresponding payment for services rendered.
Spain (Barcelona) A program collecting data from all meters and cameras to diagnose the situation in the city.“Smart garbage” is a system that collects data from all the city's garbage bins and, when filled, sends specialists to take them out
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) Climate data collection program is to analyze it and notify the authorities and residents in case of emergency (the system is relevant for cities located in the seismic and dangerous climatic zones)
Russia (Moscow) The program of a unified smart transport system allows one to track passenger traffic, to control the journey of each individual person and determine the cost of a ticket if a person changes for another municipal transport in a certain period of time
Russia (Sarov) Implementation of a system of urban problems mapping (town residents can map urban problems being able to track all stages of the problem solution)
Republic of Singapore (Singapore) The first computer-based electricity management system.It enables to constantly monitor the electricity producing factories and to monitor the operation of all systems there.
Japan (Fujiasawa) It is a fully automated smart city built in 2010.
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