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The Influence Of Gender Leadership Styles Of Teachers On The Professional Choice

Table 2: A Factor Analysis of Semantic Differential

Factor Male Female
Motivated Unmotivated Motivated Unmotivated
1 42%Professional and gender differencesm+2; f+1,-2; n-1 49.1%Pedagogical qualities(favorite teacher)m +2; f +3; n+3 54.3%Pedagogical qualities(favorite teacher)m +3; f +4; n+4 54.5%Pedagogical qualities(favorite teacher)m +1; f +5; n+3
2 26.5%Pedagogical qualitiesm+1,-1; f +4; n+4 21.9%Gender differencem +6; f +3; n+4 31.8%Gender differencem +5; f -2; n+1 26.3%Professional and gender differencesm +5; f+2; n+4
3 14%Professional self-developmentm+4; f -1; n1 16.9%Professional self-developmentm +2; f-2; n-1 10.3%Professional self-developmentm 0; f+2; n+3 13.5%Professional self-developmentm +2; f-1; n+3
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