Personal Well-Being Of University Teacher In Professional Activity: Experience Of Empirical Research


The article presents the development of diagnostic tools, which provides an opportunity to assess the state of subjective well-being / ill-being of university teachers in their professional activities. These diagnostic tools were formed on the basis of a model that uses two criteria: 1) significance; 2) time cost. Eight aspects of the professional activity of a University teacher, previously identified by experts, are considered. Pairwise comparison of the respondents of these aspects occurs twice: first, according to the criterion of personal significance, then – according to the criterion of time cost. An indicator of a lecturer's well-being or ill-being is the difference between the frequencies of each component's selection based on these criteria. The assessment uses four States that respondents can be in: the "normal" state, if the difference in the assessment of a component of activity according to two criteria is ≤1, the "at risk" state, if this difference is >1 and ≤3, the "stress zone" state, if the difference is > 3 and ≤ 5, and, finally, the "value-semantic conflict" state, if the difference is > 5. Approbation of the developed methodology showed that for a sample of 117 respondents - teachers of Russian universities, the most conflicting component of activity is “working with documents”. Subjective well-being of more than 80% of teachers who participated in the testing is assessed as a state of "tension" (over 37%) and "value-semantic conflict" (over 43%). There were no teachers whose condition could be described as normal.

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21 June 2021

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