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New Generation Teacher: Challenges And Technologies

Table 1: Characteristics of the main components of the teacher-facilitator

Component Component characteristics
1 Openness • Ability to be the "soul" of the team;• ability to gain the trust of participants in the educational process through their own thoughts and personal experiences.
2 Ability to listen and understand • Ability to create conditions under which participants in the educational process would like to reveal themselves;• ability to capture the essence of what is said by participants in the educational process.
3 Confidence Lack of fear of making mistakes in their actions.
4 High reflection Ability to objectively analyze and evaluate the actions of not only students, but also their own.
5 Empathy • Ability to "feel" participants in the educational process;• ability to empathize.
6 Tolerance • The ability to accept participants in the educational process, regardless of their racial, religious, political, etc. affiliation.
7 Leadership • Ability to lead;• ability to motivate participants in the educational process to achieve their goals.
8 Innovativeness Knowledge of modern pedagogical technologies, including facilitation and management technologies.
9 Creativity Ability to creatively implement their own ideas in teaching activities.
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