Social Media: Contributors To Relationship Dissolution?


Technology advancement is imminent and has changed the society landscape. Communication technology has aided in shaping and altering the way people communicate. The Internet has helped the emergence of social media whereby the usage is beyond communicating with someone we know. The features such as creating a profile, sharing content, meeting strangers and more; has led it to be one of the most visited and consumed sites on the Internet. There are many effects of social media; the effect on a relationship is one of it especially in romantic relationship. Some of the effects of social media in romantic relationships includes jealousy, online surveillance, sexting, self-disclosure, sexual function, relationship commitment, convenience, and infidelity. Due to the negative effects of social media on romantic relationship, it might lead to relationship dissolution. Mentioned adverse effects can contributes to lower relationship satisfaction. With lower relationship satisfaction, couples might decide to get out of the relationship; as based on social exchange theory, people tend to weigh the relationship from economic perspectives whereby if the cost outweigh the reward, tendency of the outcome to be negative is quite high. This paper is a conceptual paper, attempting to investigate the relationship of social media consumption, relationship satisfaction and relationship dissolution.

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