Influence Of Tiktok Usage Toward Positive Emotion And Relationship


TikTok is a new kind of social media. Because of its multi-functional characteristics and video streaming media form, TikTok has become universally prevalent and has attracted high number of users. Thus, an increasing number of individuals begin to utilize TikTok for different purposes, such as for entertainment, seeking information, achieving knowledge, pressure releasing, filling in leisure time and so on. However, excessive usage of TikTok has led to a series of issues as it is impacting users’ emotions and relationships. For instance, some users have ignored their family and friends in their real life as a result of indulgence in TikTok, which may significantly impact on their interpersonal relationships eventually. Similarly, others feel frustrated and depressed after browsing TikTok for a long time. This research is conducted to learn more about the influence of TikTok usage toward positive emotions and relationships among TikTok users in China. Quantitative research method by survey approach is adopted in this study. A total of 244 online questionnaires are collected in this study. Data analyses including descriptive analysis, means, standard deviation, T-test, one-way ANOVA and multiple regression are employed via IBM SPSS software version 25. The results indicate that attitudes toward TikTok including both perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use significantly influence positive emotions and relationships among TikTok users in China. Finally, it is hoped that this study could remind TikTok users to view the negative effects of TikTok usage and use TikTok reasonably in the future

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