Rhetorical Persuasion By Adapting Logos In Public Speaking


Self-confidence is a strong feeling towards the capabilities of a student in the process of communication, decision-making and public speaking. The students with low self-confidence would not present their ideas properly. This is because individuals with low self-esteem are certain that their opinions could not stand upon are firm and are reinforced by clear arguments as their evidence or reason. Thus, these form of logos character are expressed through nonverbal communication such as paralanguage cues; tone, pauses, volume and body movements especially eye and hand movements. Also, the logos play a vital role to assist the presenter to provide a logic and fact argument. Thus, this study embarks on the objective, to explore the strategies to increase confidence level through logos (persuasion communication mode). By using focus group, the data would analyse through Nvivo. Finding shows the logos elements including Question and Answer (Q and A) session, teaching techniques, eye-contact, and etc, contribute to the high level of confidence in public speaking. Interpersonal communication among lecturer and students, also among peer group, help to build up the students’ confidence.

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