Millennial Bandung Indonesia Views Hoaxes On Social Media


The very rapid dissemination of information on social media and the many millennials who use social media, create its own concerns in responding to hoax information on social media. The concern itself arises to teenagers who use social media after receiving information that is not necessarily true. The purpose of this study is to find out how millennial netizens respond to hoax information on social media. Knowing how millennial netizens identify information on instagram social media, and knowing how millennial netizens break the hoax information dissemination. This research is a descriptive study using qualitative methods. Data collection is done by interviews, observations, documents, and information from the internet. The results of this study are that millennial netizens in the city of Bandung can cope wisely when receiving hoax information on Instagram social media. Millennial netize has the same way to stop the spread of hoaxes on social media, by not participating in spreading information whose truth is very doubtful. The millennial generation is now beginning to realize the threats and dangers arising from the existence of a Hoax. Regarding the impact of hoaxes, respondents who thought hoaxes were very disturbing to the harmony of the community. They have thought opinion that hoaxes can cause conflict as in society.

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