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Development Strategy of Transcultural Component of Innovative Thinking of Future Teachers

Table 1: Content of the training module “Transcultural Communication”

Type of class Method Content
Practical session 1 Roundtable To identify problems in intercultural communication, to discuss, identify personal problems and factors affecting the success or failure of communication. To understand such definitions as cross, inter and transcultural communication
Practical session 2 Case study To analyze stereotypes and beliefs about their and other cultural groups. To be able to get rid of “cultural psychological captivity”
Practical session 3 Dramatization To clarify cultural identity, personal relations to cultural identity, to form clear, positive attitude towards their own cultural group, healthy sense of cultural identity
Practical session 4 Business game To imitate and evaluate cultural models such as collectivism and individualism, distance, etc. To develop personal experience of effective transcultural communication
Practical session 5 Case study To develop an understanding of identity, national and cultural identity and the impact of experience on the development and change of identities; to form positive attitudes towards other racial, cultural, ethnic and religious groups
Practical session 6 Workshop To clarify the concepts of “globalism” and “global competence”, global identification and internationalization of values and human rights. Transculture as a transfer of resources, information and images “through” the boundaries of cultures
Practical session 7 Training The social nature of interaction between a sender and a recipient of information. The problem of influencing a non-cultural recipient of information. To participate in shaping transcultural communication and analyze collective results
Practical session 8 Roundtable The concept of transculturalism in education
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