Education In The Semantic Dimension: State Of Issues And Prospects


The article is devoted to the study of the problems and prospects of the education system development from the standpoint of semantic logic. The paper provides a critical assessment of the education system in pre-revolutionary Russia and the Soviet period. It is revealed how the Unified State Exam (USE) was introduced under the innovations of education in the new liberal Russia. There are presented examples from the modern educational system confirming the signs of its decay, from the field: the Russian language, chemistry, physics, rhetorical and semantic logic and other areas. The signs of destruction and ascent in the education system are determined. Mystical evidence of the demand for education is allocated. Metamorphoses of public consciousness and education are manifested. The formula of cognition is derived; the essence of the religious worldview is shown. The mechanism of progress towards awakening is indicated, awakening is correlated with globalization. Using the principle of the Universal Semantic Code (USC), it has been proved that any unmotivated word is a psychotronic generator that induces a sleep of the mind if an illogical explanation is given to the word. It was revealed that humanity is in a sleepy state due to the nondiscrimination of words. The goal of education is to bring it out of this state. It has been established that all words have one source – the semantic plasma of RA (Russian and Arabic).

Keywords: education, science, formula of knowledge, the principle of the Universal Semantic Code (USC), awakening


A showcase of the modern world is a continuous series of catastrophic events. The educational system, which is in the singular zone, is no exception. Under the pretext of introducing innovations in the education system at the planetary level, permanent reforms have been launched on a wide front. Everyone was disappointed with the results.

Problem Statement

Therefore, there is no doubt that the current educational crisis is leading the Russian society to the "sterility of a mental impasse". Hence it follows that the search for a rational way to overcome this crisis should be assessed as the highest priority task facing the scientific community today. Therefore, the task of the declared article is to assess the state of problems and prospects of the education system in the semantic dimension, i.e. on the concept panel of the Universal Semantic Code (USC).

Research Questions

The historical aspect of the education system in Russia. Judging by the content of birch bark letters and their number, in Novgorod, and perhaps throughout Russia in the Middle Ages, the ability to read and write was universal.

By the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the efforts of the Orthodox Church, only 10 % of the country's population became literate (Desktop Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1896–1901). An indelible shame of Orthodox Russia. The revolution swept away both the priests and their education system. In a short time, the problem of eliminating illiteracy was solved. The content of school education has become physics and mathematics. The country eagerly absorbed knowledge.

Much has been done for higher education as well. In the difficult post-revolutionary years, by 1928, the Great Technical Encyclopedia was published. Great Medical Encyclopedia. In 1935, a four-volume "Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language" by professor Ushakov. It was the first dictionary after Dahl's. In tsarist Russia, after Dahl, nothing came out for half a century.

All textbooks, from primer to physics, were rewritten. The result was not long in coming. In a short space of time, Soviet science has become on a par with world science, and in some ways has overtaken it. Blind, illiterate dark Russia became a Great Power. Now we can hear that the successes of Soviet education were based on the traditions of Russian pedagogy. Shameless lies. There were no traditions of general mass education in tsarist Russia at all, and indeed there could not have been an essentially anti-popular tsarist regime. There was no physical and mathematical focus either. In the gymnasiums, they diligently studied dead languages ​​(ancient Greek and Latin) and incomprehensible religious texts, in which the priests themselves do not understand a word. After the revolution, the Law of God and the entire cycle of religious sciences were removed from the programs of all degrees of education.

Getting rid of logic and arithmetic. A complication of the program in other subjects. Unfortunately, together with the "Law of God" they threw into the trash and logic, which was considered a theological science. I. Stalin, as a former seminarian who had perfect logic, soon noticed that specialists who graduated from workers' schools, and even large engineers and scientists, have a problem with logic. In order to raise the logical culture of our cadres, in 1946, the teaching of logic was introduced in all secondary educational institutions and some higher ones (Kondakov, 1975). However, logic did not last long at school. As soon as Stalin died, she was thrown out. Under what pretext? They say that there were no specialists in teaching logic in the country, so the case was entrusted to teachers of language and mathematics. However, these teachers have not been able to master the school course for seven years. Currently, logic is taught in most countries of the world. Only we have not had it since 1953 to this day.

It turned out that the rise of education in the Soviet Union was just a flash of consciousness before it fell into the darkness of Mormonism. Soon, endless reforms in high school began. They threw out arithmetic. Meanwhile, this discipline established links between mathematics and reality. A boy of 10–12 years old had to read and understand the conditions of the problem so that through the sequential formulation of questions, and often their number reached 10-12 or more, to reach a solution. No doubt, it was not easy. But what training of the mind! There is no doubt that these same problems were solved much more comfortable by drawing up equations. However, the mind for this business required a minimum amount. The student can solve the equation mechanically, checking with the answer, if the answers in the textbook and the received one do not agree, he can combine the values ​​differently. And so on until the answer comes together.

Soon, practical textbooks began to be withdrawn, and stupid ones were offered. Despite the protests of the educational community and parents, new absurd principles and techniques were introduced by force. Introduced confusion in both large and small. Eventually, teachers and parents got used for the violent absurdity and stopped resenting. It's even good that nothing is evident in the tutorial. If anyone wants to understand something about the subject, it is available for a fee. Now they calmly call the TV a box for fools, as if it should be. Moreover, now "opium for the people" has returned to schools. It was contrary to the constitution.

Implementation of the Unified State Exam. Innovations in the education system are carried out on a dotted basis, on a broad front. The well-known pearl of the Ministry of Education and Science is the introduction of the Unified State Examination (USE) into the educational system of secondary schools. The crafty officials from education understood that he would not be accepted outright. The craving for meaningfulness has not yet been completely etched out in our consciousness. To prepare the people for the idea of ​​choice on our TV, the game "win a million" was held for several years. Then the experiment migrated to schools. Of course, there is no choice for the one who knows. Moreover, the choice remains for fools, for those who know nothing but can guess or guess by chance. What kind of testing is this?

This misunderstanding is presented under the abbreviation of the Unified State Exam as an innovation in education. It is clear that the teaching community was mainly against the USE. Alas, contrary to the teaching community, the USE was adopted.

We present some examples from the domestic educational system confirming signs of decay, for example, from the field of the Russian language, chemistry, physics, rhetorical and semantic logic and other areas.

Signs of decay in the field of the Russian language. The last pre-perestroika dictionary of Russian phraseology focused on education was published in 1987 under the editorship of AI. Molotkov (Molotkov, 1968). The volume of 4 thousand entries. Each article contained a normative phraseological unit, its variants with possible lexical substitutions, historical and stylistic notes, an illustrative part containing examples from the literature and confirming the normativity, as well as the history of the phraseological unit's origin if known.

Moreover, in 2006, the "Big Phraseological Dictionary of the Russian Language" was published, edited by V. N. Telia (Telia, 2006). Judging by the title, the authors were apparently not satisfied with the small volume of available dictionaries on this topic. We open a new dictionary and oh, miracle! The new dictionary interprets only 1500 phraseological units. Almost three times smaller, but LARGE. How can it be? Hocus pocus is simple. The dictionary is extensive, more significant than the previous one (instead of 540 pages we find 780 with an exclamation of admiration), but, as it quickly turns out, it is significant in terms of the number of pages and weight – another surprising fact.

In an effort to avoid legitimate criticism, the dictionary is protected by order of the Ministry of Science and Education under number 193 of 06/08/2009, according to which it is included in the list of grammars, dictionaries and reference books containing the norms of the literary language. Ah, here is the thing. The extensive dictionary does not include profanity, obscene and other rude expressions. What are the phraseological units by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation brought out of the norm? It is strange that the "small dictionary" promises to interpret only the normative vocabulary. So what did the minister take outside the norm? Let us take the first three pages of the "small dictionary". Letter A. "Bolshoi" excluded the following phraseological units: boarding, making advances, hell is pitch, in Adam's suit, from Adam, administrative delight, admiral's hour, to the address, to the wrong address, but the openwork, from the basics to the izhitsa, from the beginning, the final chord, heavy artillery, acrid eat, from alpha to omega, stocks are increasing, Allah knows him, not an altyn for his soul, discover America, like in a pharmacy, sort out like a pig in oranges, take it to the archives, Ariadne's thread, like an arshin, swallowed, the measure by arshin, heat the atmosphere, carry nonsense, not so hot, not so hot, not so hot and how many others. Almost from the entire list with the letter A of the "small dictionary", in the "Big" only one Achilles heel remained, but by chance. How is high volume achieved? Due to fonts, special formatting and, most importantly, encryption of emptiness.

I ask – where is the whole army of Russianists? Perhaps they are engaged in extortion, as is the case in medicine and education. Why is their medicine, it has now become so throughout the scientific world.

Signs of decay in the field of Chemistry. Anatoly Chubais has no idea what nano is not a dwarf technology, as silly scientists claim. This is a nine. Do you know how in English nine? It indicates the number of zeros after the decimal point, i.e. billionth part of anything. A nanometer is a billionth part of a meter, the dimension of atoms and molecules, i.e. dimension of chemistry. Nobody will give money to chemistry now. They came up with a dork "nano". If earlier they designed a molecule, for example, a polymer, they said: successes in chemistry, now, successes in nanotechnology. The same as Tokamak, which in Arabic, means "energy fool", swine flu or global warming, is just a way to suck money out of the budget. Scientists-sorcerers invented the "divine" particle boson. Moreover, now these sorcerers are looking for it with a collider (collider). If they find it, it means that the Universe was born from the great "Nothing". There was nothing, exploded and became everything. This idea is not innovation. This is from the meditative delirium of Thomas Aquinas, a 13th-century scholastic. If we read the boson in Arabic, the result is the same as in the word business "fraud". Small business is small fraud; large business is a large fraud. Moreover, all this is in full view of all honest people, and people are like a bewitched – total suggestion.

The logic is rhetorical and semantic. As far as logic is concerned, it should be so. It is still not whom it is trying to impersonate. Some seriously think that logic is the science of thinking, an instrument of knowledge. Aristotelian logic is copied from Greek grammar and therefore it is the logic of rhetoric, and not the logic of cognition. It is no accident that sophistry, the art of powdering the brains of naive people, has grown up on the same basis of rhetoric. Sooner or later, semantic logic (or Simia) will come out on top. A real tool for obtaining new knowledge (Vashkevich, 2010).

The predetermined signs of destruction and ascent in the education system. Everything is going as it should. Whatever success the education system has achieved from the available world community, it is still vicious, because on a large scale it always goes against meaning, against God, powdering the brains of children with incomprehensible words. Moreover, that is why cunning reformers are not malefactors, but naive gravediggers of idiocy, who subconsciously fulfil the will of the Creator. The faster they finish off this reptile, the faster and wider the gates of the kingdom of mind will open.

How to step from the realm of idiocy into the realm of clear consciousness and reason? However, how to wake up, how to rub your eyes? What is the way to step from the realm of idiocy into the realm of clear consciousness and reason? At the level of common sense, one can understand that the only way is through education. It is just that at school, it needs to stop children, powder their brains with incomprehensible words. That is all.

Mystical evidence of the demand for education. If anyone needs mystical evidence, and in our time, many people are intoxicated by mysticism, then this will not be the case. The method is recorded in the ritual of Jewish circumcision. This can be read by making description in Russian. What is circumcision? This is the deprivation of the head (male organ) of the foreskin (in Arabic, glf) by circumcision. Displaced to the area of ​​the upper, higher love, it takes the form: deprivation of the head of stupidity through education.

There are other signs that it is time to awaken. The Hebrew word matzah with the addition of the intensive affix "re" in Arabic becomes the word ramats "a veil in the eyes, pus after sleep." In the Talmudic era, rabbis argued whether the thickness of the matzo could be more than four fingers. In the Middle Ages, it was equal to one finger. Now it has become so thin that holes have already appeared in it. It must be understood that the veil in front of humanity, like the veil in front of a newborn kitten, has become so thin that it is about to burst. It remains to rub your eyes.

Metamorphoses of public consciousness. However, the trouble is that the existing public consciousness cannot perceive simple things. There must be a metamorphosis that occurs in the caterpillar before it becomes a butterfly. It must decompose to the molecular level so that a new form that can fly can be formed from this mass. So is consciousness. It must decompose into primitives, from which the new will be formed. Its idiocy, observed in our time, is the beginning of metamorphosis.

Metamorphoses of education. Education is also on the eve of metamorphosis. In this game, the USA plays the first violin. Just as food in the stomach undergoes decomposition so that new cells can be formed, so the formation must be decomposed into primitives in order to form a new structure. In this business, Americans are great masters. To maintain their qualifications, they decompose whatever they hit. Sometimes it brings them great benefit (conveyor belt, personal computer), sometimes it is the release of steam through games of democracy, sometimes an empty game (decomposition into direct components in American descriptive linguistics), showing other peoples their number (primacy in space). All the same, the bottom line is a useful thing – the ability to do a functional analysis of any material.

How to Promote Awakening. But all this later. Moreover, now the question arises, how can you promote the fastest awakening? First of all, people need to stop rejecting clear thoughts. Learning must begin with the word. After all, if people do not understand the meaning of words, how can we understand the meaning of Being, the meaning of our own life? Etymology must be immediately introduced into school education. Etymology does not have to be a separate subject. Children need to stop being misled by meaningless words. After all, children can understand and not only understand but also ask why? A child is not born asleep. He knows from birth, better than an adult, that the main question, the question of reason, of God. It is all about what kind of information he gets. Moreover, the child receives unclear information. The current education system does not ask why. When a child enters school, he is told not to ask questions why, but rather to learn interjections and adverbs. Teachers do not know why these parts of speech are called what they are called. They are not able to interpret these terms nor others. Gradually, a false dominant of consciousness is formed in children. They get used for the fact that they live in a world of meaningless words and begin to consider such a state as normal (Vashkevich, 2018).

It is believed that the grammatical term interjection is a tracing of the Latin term: interjection. Like a throw-in between. What is thrown in? Between what and why? Ridiculous grammatical absurdism. We resort to the USC principle – we read the Russian term in Arabic. We get mazhd "praise", met "swearing". Calca of the Arabic grammatical term "verbs of praise and reproof." This is the name of the frozen interjection group of special verbs. Let us comprehend the term adverb in the same vein (Vashkevich, 2004–2019).

The adverb does not come from the Russian to name it but from the Arabic root KRN "to bind", whence the punishment: "in" that which is somehow connected with the main thing, "circumstances". We look in Dahl's dictionary, how the adverb is defined: "adverbial word" (Vashkevich, 2002).

It is a great miracle that not all boys and girls are brainwashed to the end. Some, despite all the efforts of the teachers, remain direct and inquisitive. They keep asking questions. The trouble is that questions alone are not enough. People need to know where the beginning is. It is not easy to understand this without prompting. The fact that the beginning was a word is not a decree even for theologians. Those of the people who have not been broken by school, pioneer and Komsomol organizations, or concentration camps, or prisons, or psychiatric hospitals, or the market economy continues to live, asking questions why. However, there are few of them. They can understand simple things. Some of the crowd are also ready to return to simple human logic. For the majority, the consciousness closed forever. Hope only for children. We need to change the education system – no revolutionary reforms. The only thing that needs to be done is to explain the incomprehensible terminology to the children. People just need not interfere. When there are more intelligent people in society than confused people, the digital matrix will open up, and other cycles of the reproduction will start working, other genetic programs will come into play.

Science and Mysticism. How to determine those forms of cognitive activity that lead to new knowledge. This also means that correct knowledge is scientific knowledge since it has long been formulated in science that there is science. Science is the causal explanation of the world. Thus, there is only one path to God: scientific knowledge. From this, it follows that all methods of mystical knowledge are fornication, intellectual masturbation, insofar as mystics are not interested in reasons.

The purpose of scientific knowledge is to reveal the secret springs of Being.

The theory of knowledge, as it was formed in philosophy, is a confusing theory. Neither the ancient Greeks nor modern philosophers understood what it was. The only one of them who guessed what was at stake was Plato. Let me remind that philosophy is not wisdom, which is, as we said, intellectual masturbation, but discrimination, analysis, a means of comprehending the truth. Dialectics is also not a dispute, but an analysis of the complex. Now we would say system analysis (Bayanov, 2018).

The formula of knowledge. To once again show the sterility of ancient and modern philosophy, let us turn to its formula of cognition "analysis-synthesis". The analysis is the dismemberment of an object; synthesis is its connection. Well, where is knowledge? It is not here either. So what is the deal? Whenever confusion arises, one should turn to the Arabic language. When translated into Arabic, a rhymed phrase appears, which in itself indicates that the Arabic language, presumably, is the original language. Here it is this rhymed phrase FSL – AFL. If persons formulate it in the imperative mood, it is translated into Russian as follows: distinguish and comprehend. Synthesis is indeed present. Only this is not a synthesis of the previously dismembered parts of the comprehended object, but a synthesis of the comprehending brain with a part of the revealed truth as a result of discrimination. Agree, there is a considerable distance between the cognitive formula of God and the cognitive formula of confused philosophers (Bayanov, 2011).

However, look how the same formula of the Lord got confused in religion. Theologians understand it as PSaLma (read) and SL (pray) to God. Instead of discriminating FSL – psalms, instead of comprehending VSL – prayer for the glory of the Lord. The roots of the central concepts sound the same, and the semantic difference is like heaven and earth. It is easy to see that the denotation (described subject) of both the philosophical formula and the religious one is the same. It sounds the same, but it is understood differently, and in both cases, it is wrong, that is, there is "the knowledge of evil."

Religion is a form of memory of the sleeping consciousness. However, let us not reproach religion too much. Cognition is not its function. Its function is to keep the formulas of cognition frozen. Religion is a form of memory of the sleeping consciousness. Moreover, it coped with this function perfectly. It now remains for us to re-preserve what she has kept for so long. For this, special wisdom is not needed. Write in Russian or Arabic what is unclear, and all the cases (Vashkevich, 2004).

For example, a "паломничество" (pilgrimage). “Па” (Pa) – here the prefix of the name of time and place, as in Arabic ma, the root part LM following it means "knowledge", from it in Arabic yilm "science". Another example, an Arabic word meaning pray, is written in two letters SL. It is also written "comprehend". What to comprehend? Understandably, God, Truth.

No matter how much someone prays, the truth will not be revealed, for it is revealed by analysis, not prayer.

The theory of knowledge was hidden until the time. Moreover, now the time has come. There is an apocalypse, i.e. awakening. Take it, people, and use it if people do not want to turn into monkeys.

Awakening and globalization. The awakening process is going along with globalization. The role of globalization is so that ethnic groups, getting to know each other and comprehending the universal periodic law, understand that we are different. However, in the universal system of humanity, we each perform their task to please the universal system.

Globalization also has a different meaning, in consonance with the Arab galab "slaves". Yes, we will all become slaves, but not slaves of kings or oligarchs, but slaves of the Creator. The Creator's slave is not a slave to anyone. That this is so clearly seen through the reading of the Arabic address to the Lord with Russian eyes: Rabb "Oh, Lord!" on the Russian ear sounds like "I am a slave."

Moreover, what is the meaning of the word lord here? In the first chapter of the Qur'an, there is an expression rabb al-àa: lami: n (رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ). Muslim theologians, violating grammar, interpret this phrase as "Lord of the worlds." However, the plural form "and: n" (ينَ) is only used for humans. Therefore, if someone does not force the Arabic language but read what is written, it turns out "Lord of the Knowing." Everyone who has drawn at least some inspiration from this source of inspiration knows the power of the Creator.

Purpose of the Study

Scientific understanding of the function of the phenomenon of education from the standpoint of semantic logic or the concept of the Universal Semantic Code (USC).

Research Methods

The substantive block of analysis methods used for research – understanding the function of the phenomenon of education from the standpoint of semantic logic – consisted of the following. The principle of the Universal Semantic Code (USC): the ability to reveal the etymological and hidden meaning of any unmotivated terms. The principle of consistency: the system leads in everything. The principle of evolution: the main form of being is not peace, but movement, becoming. The principle of complexity: the possibility of enrichment, simplification and complication of the system in the process of evolution. Complementarity principle: the ability to describe the processes of sociocultural dynamics using various models. Development principle: the inevitability of the evolution of the theoretical description of sociocultural systems.

The indicated methods of analysis made it possible to solve the problem posed.


The signs of destruction and ascent in the education system are determined. Mystical evidence of the demand for education is allocated. Metamorphoses of public consciousness and education are manifested. The formula of cognition is derived; the essence of the religious worldview is shown. The mechanism of progress towards awakening is indicated, awakening is correlated with globalization.

Using the USC principle, it has been proven that any unmotivated word is a psychotronic generator that induces a sleep of the mind if an illogical explanation is given to the word. It was revealed that humanity is in a sleepy state due to the nondiscrimination of words and the educational goal is to bring it out of this state. It has been established that all words have one source – the semantic plasma of RA (Russian and Arabic). In other words, all words are actually translated from Arabic or Russian. Translating words into Russian or Arabic, we go back to the original source. This applies to all words in general. From a historical point of view, this is something that cannot be. However, the language code of RA belongs to eternity. In addition to history, there is eternity, and this must not be forgotten.


The existing education system in the process of socialization lulls children and thus introduces them to a sleeping society. Moreover, the primary tool for putting him to sleep in the school. The main obstacle on the way to awakening is Russian officials in the education system, who do not see anything further. Even if it was not about awakening, about the opening of human consciousness, one should stop powdering the brains of the children with absurdity. We must show them that words are not used contrary for logic and common sense, but in full agreement with them. Then the consciousness of children will be in harmony with itself. All secrets will be revealed. Everything hidden will become apparent. The rest will follow by itself. Awakening depends mainly on how quickly teachers understand the perniciousness of nonsense.


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