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Approaches To Developing Methodology For Typologizing Regional Budgets By Level Of Subsidization

Table 3: Groups and indicators for a comprehensive assessment of the fiscal and financial and economic state of the subsidized region

Indicator Calculation formula Normative values
Group 1 – level of subsidization
Subsidization coefficient C s = V D i O R i VDi – volume of subsidies granted of i-region ORi – own revenues of i-region Moderate – 0.1–0.25Unsatisfactory – 0.25–0.4Crisis – >0.4
Subsidization per capita S s = V D i P S i PSi – population size of i-region The higher the value, the higher the dependence of the cost of public services to the population of the region on subsidies
Group 2 – budgetary sustainability
Degree of balance coefficient C b = E i R i Ei – expenditures of i-region;Ri – revenues of i-region <1
Share of the regional budget deficit in tax and non-tax revenues B D = E i - R i R i - G A i GAi – grant assistance to i-region 0.1–0.15
Financial dependence coefficient C f d = G A i R i The higher the value, the higher the financial dependence
Group 3 – debt burden
Coefficient of the ratio of the region's public debt to tax and non-tax revenues C p d / r = V D i - V C i R i - G A i VDi – volume of public debt of i-region;VCi – volume of budget credits of i-region <0.5 – moderate0.5–1 – crisis
Level of debt burden D B = P D i R i - G A i Moderate – 0.3–0.5Unsatisfactory – 0.5–0.8Crisis – >0.8
Group 4 – focus of the budget
Share of social expenditures in the regional budget Доля соц расходов в региональном бюджете S E = H E i + S P E i + E E i E i HEi – health expenditures of i-region;SPEi – social policy expenditures of i-region;EEi – educational expenditures of i-region; The higher the value, the higher the role of subsidies in the social security of the region
Group 5 – influence of the budget on the regional economy
Share of regional (tax and non-tax) revenues in GRP R R g r p = P I T i + C I T i + P T i + N R i G R P i PITi – personal income tax of i-region;CITi – corporate income tax of i-region;PTi – property taxes of i-region;NRi – non-tax revenues of i-region;GRPi – gross regional product of i-region; The higher the value, the lower the financial stability in the region
Per capita budget financing coefficient C b f = E i P S i The higher the value, the higher the provision of the regional population with budgetary funds
Final summary indicator F S I - = i = 1 n Х i n Moderate – 0.2–0.3Unsatisfactory – 0.3–0.4Crisis – >0.4
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