Mathematical Programming In Management: Methods And Models


The paper provides an overview of the impact and use of mathematical programming in management. Mathematical programming is currently used in completely different dimensions. The paper evaluates the existing methods of mathematical programming and optimization as a management toolapplicable for developing and solving nonlinear programming tasks in management. It is proved that management as a sphere of science uses mathematical models to give managers particular guidelines for effective decision-making using available or additional information, if existing knowledge is not enough to make an optimal right decision. Various classification methods for optimization methods and models are proposed. Mathematical programming in management is useful since it provides possibility to obtain information about qualitative properties and quantitative characteristics of a target object avoiding field experiments. This may justify the expense required for overcoming difficulties that arise in development stage or when trying to use mathematical models. That is, the main difficulty that one has to face in mathematical programming is to make sure that this model is adequate to the target object. The authors believe that it is necessary to find out how accurately this model reflects a real situation and how reliable the quantitative estimates can be with this model.

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17 May 2021

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