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Problem Of Classification Of Methods In Foreign Language Education

Table 1: Classification of methods in foreign language education

Methods of investigation Methods of teaching
universal analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, analogy, modeling, abstraction, idealization, etc. general didactic demonstration, explanation, training, questioning, control, correction, game, discussion, etc.
main scientific observation, experiment, studying of the literature, interviews, questionnaires, time studies, generalization of experience, etc. methods of foreign language teaching communicative language teaching, method of activating the reserve capabilities of the person and the team, direct, natural, grammar-translation method, emotive-conceptual method, audio-lingual method, Silent way, counselling-learning, etc.
special pedagogical experiment, studying of advanced practical experience, experimental teaching special methods of foreign language teaching the method of exception of the visual channel of perception during listening, the sound-letter method and the method of the whole words in reading, inductive and deductive methods in teaching grammar
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