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Conditions For Creating A Regional Mechanism For Scientific And Methodological Teachers Support

Table 2: Analysis of risks and ways to overcome them

Risks Ways to overcome them
Stable conservative orientation of teachers towards the dominance of the “traditional system” of education. Rejection, resistance to innovation. Psychological and methodological support of teaching staff. Selection and description of effective pedagogical practices, methods, and technologies for further broadcasting within the framework of scientific and methodological support. Involvement of teachers in innovative activities using modern technologies and non-standard forms of education. Support for approbation and implementation of methodological initiatives (Matter, 2003)
Unwillingness to implement innovations of management personnel of an educational organization Inclusion of members of the management team in project creative teams. Providing support and advice to the development team of the initiative (MacLean, 2001)
Insufficient level of theoretical and psychological readiness of teachers for innovative activities Information, scientific and methodological support: the use of a virtual methodological office using a local network; organization of seminars, consultations, mutual training. The use of the experimental base of a higher school for the implementation of laboratory, coursework, and diploma works of students, for the conduct of creative and scientific research by teaching staff
The lack of the possibility of holding training events in the mode of two-shift classes, the large workload of teachers. Clear planning of the use of vacation time, organization of independent work of teachers on individual educational routes in the mode of tutor support, activation of the work of creative project teams.
Low motivation to innovate, lack of leaders Creation of a favorable creative environment during training. Delegation of authority. Information support of scientific and educational processes (Learning, 2002)
Unpreparedness of teachers to work in a team Creation of conditions for productive group work, during which each member of the group can contribute to the common cause. Prerequisite: presence of a trained moderator or tutor in the group. Involvement of teachers in project activities. Subject-Subject Interaction
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