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Protection Of The Information Rights Of Minors In The Digital Society

Table 2: Potential risks for minors during the digital transformation of public relations

Risk name Risk code in Table 03
1 Limitation of the constitutional right to information р1
2 Violation of the right to personal and family secrets р2
3 Automatic identification and “electronic surveillance” by public authorities р3
4 Questions regulating the right to use devices with mobile access to the Internet on the territory of educational and other institutions р4
5 Restrictions on access to state and municipal services and socially significant services р5
6 Providing the possibility of using Internet banking, electronic financial assets, as well as making payments on the Internet in violation of the rules specified in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation for the legal capacity of teenagers aged fourteen to eighteen and minors, as well as the use of cryptocurrency р6
7 Access to social networks and Internet resources with information that is harmful to their health and (or) development, as well as information, the dissemination of which is prohibited in the Russian Federation р7
8 Rights associated with the violation of the right to be forgotten and unauthorized collection of personal (including biometric) data, as well as other information about a minor (habits, interests, etc.) by people not participating in public administration, which can be used by them for their own purposes р8
9 Providing personalized advertising products when browsing resources on the Internet, as well as sending such advertising by e-mail, in instant messengers, etc. р9
10 Failure to take measures to ensure information security and to prevent fraud using ICT in relation to minors р10
11 Risks associated with the need for additional costs for the purchase of hardware and software, their installation and maintenance to meet the needs of minors р11
12 The possibility of violations that do not guarantee unambiguous personal authentication when a minor uses data that does not belong to him (for example: the password and login of parents, as well as other persons obtained from open sources) to access certain benefits prohibited for minors р12
13 Risks associated with the transition to e-learning, including the acceleration of their pace due to the spread of COVID-19 р13
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