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Identity As A Dialect Marker In The Semantics Of Phraseological Units

Table 2:

DDPU matching in structure Meanings General semes (in italics)
I.. слабый на уторы1(weak) 1)‘urinary incontinence’;2) ‘faint’ unable to regulate physiological functionunable to regulate their behavior
II. слабый на уторы2(weak) 'poor' having no means of living
III. (идти / ходить) как лында1(to walk like a tramp) ‘to slop around’ a person who does nothing
IV. (идти / ходить) как лында2(to walk like a tramp) ‘about untidy man’ casually dressed
V. распустить возгри1(to become depressed) ‘to lose courage’ to be out of spirits
VI. распустить возгри2(to become depressed) ‘to do nothing’ to be inactive
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