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Identity As A Dialect Marker In The Semantics Of Phraseological Units

Table 1:

multi-meaning DDPU Its meanings Actualized Semes(in italics)
(идти/ходить) отреся ножку(to go off/to walk off) 1) ‘(to move) slowly2) ‘(to move) timidly, fearfully’ To go slowlyTo go slowly under the influence of fear, fear
ни три ни мни (сухие ремни)(neither one nor the other) 1) ‘about a slow, sluggish person’,2) ‘about a worthless, incapable person’ performing work at low speedperforming work (at low speed and) poorly
растрепать губы(to be a big mouth) 1) ‘to be sloppy’2) ‘to be scattered’3) ‘to allow oneself to talk too much’ to ignore the accuracy in clothesto ignore what should be rememberedto ignore one’s sayings
голый как бубен(as poor as a church mouse) 1) ‘about something without outer cover’2) ‘about a very poor person’
лежать лежкою(to be flat on one's back) 1) ‘lying, doing nothing’2) ‘to lie down without getting up (about the patient)3) ‘to lie in bulk’ to lie motionless, not wanting to take active action (about a person)to lie motionless, not being able to take active actions due to poor health (about a person)to be in a mess because no one is making efforts to streamline, disassemble (about things)
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