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The Main Forms Of Unfair Competition In The Modern World

Table 2:

Elements of the unfair competition factor Diagnosis Harm level Prescription
1 Illegal price manipulation contractual exchange currency targeting, profit making on stocks and currencies, futures collusion, insider discharges, statistical misinformation 3 commencing the creation of an international legal code on pricing, limiting the circle of partners, developing the domestic market
2 Commodity and service falsification copying of goods, falsification of materials, parts, interface, reputation defamation 4 state electronic register of goods, services and brands, protection in international courts
3 Documentary forgery and commercial collusion concealment and destruction of ancient manuscripts, treaties / agreements, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is the non-resident of the Russian Federation, capital outflow from the Russian Federation, money famine in the Russian Federation, sanctions, raw materials economy 6 unilateral cancellation in the absence of an agreement by one of the parties, nationalization of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, rejection of IMF recommendations, development of the domestic market, R&D
4 Commercial official bribery bribery of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Treasury of the Russian Federation, the recruitment of employees of military, industrial, banking, transport, trade, public organizations and administrations 7 toughening of supervision and anti-competition law, control over strategies and plans of organizations at the state level, media review, supreme penalty
5 Industrial espionage non-recognition of Russian patents, registration of international patents for “Russian” inventions, copying of military technology 6 simultaneous patenting of technology in the domestic and international chamber, protection of rights in foreign arbitrations
6 Virtual information promotional actions and system misinformation fake news in the mass media; a staging of the Russian trace; lie of IMF, WB, EBRD, W.Media, NATO, OSCE, UN, UNESCO, WTO, TV 4 exposure in the world mass media, the prosecution according to Russian laws; the creation of international financial TNCs with the participation of Russia and the CIS
7 Criminalization international organized crime groups, terrorism, drug trafficking, slave trade, ISIL 5 supervision of psycho-, drug independence of the health of the nation, anti-terrorist training
8 Criminal-repressive blackmail abduction of citizens of the Russian Federation on foreign trips, refusal of the presumption of innocence in cases of international jurisdiction 3 the initiation in the UN of the worldwide principle of the prohibition of arrest without evidence of crime; diplomatic status of citizens of Russia
9 Physical and chemical-biological deterioration of food and medicine monopolization of the market of seeds, breeding animals, veterinary medicines and fertilizers based on GMOs; border artificial foci of biological threat 7 recreation of the seed base and breeding herd in Russia; nature-like technologies in veterinary medicine, soil fertilizing; development of biological protection
10 Illegal takeover seizure of property of the Russian Federation, ROC, private individuals and corporations, blocking financial funds in foreign accounts 5 symmetrical legal measures, satellite payment system of the CIS countries, business partners
11 Technological subversive actions hacker attacks, military cybersabotage, disabling the SWIFT system, discrediting the R&D of the Russian Federation 6 localization and de-automation of key engineering sites; ICT counterintelligence, sanctions
12 Cybernetic totalization breach of confidentiality of correspondence, negotiations, audio and video content, travel route, trade secrets 3 toughening responsibility for interference with privacy and illegal use of private and commercial secrets
13 Historical and educational inversions activities of the Soros Foundation and other NPO, bribery of the Ministry of Education and Science, falsification of education in "Western" schools, colleges, universities 5 national special monitoring the work of NPOs, initiating the creation of an international code of history, science, education and the mass media
14 Contractual annihilation ignoring conditions, breaking international agreements and treaties in one's sole discretion 6 initiating the creation of an international treaty code, insurance agreements
15 Political provocations falsification of Russian politics in the world; discrediting diplomacy and sport; allegations of militarism; threats by an instant global blow; sanctions; Russophobia 4 development of a foreign media network; coverage of the culture and peaceful position of the Russian Federation in all world languages; counter-sanctional symmetry; strengthening defense
16 Political corruption of the authorities bribery of mayors, governors and / or the Government of the region, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Duma, Federal Assembly, the Investigative Committee of the RF, FSS, the Ministry of Defense, President of the Russian Federation, C. Court 9 life sentence with confiscation of property without the right of pardon and parole of both parties, severance of diplomatic relationships, imposing sanctions and embargoes
17 Physical and chemical-biological deterioration of the ecosystem local and global impact on the atmosphere, weather, water space, forest and field soils; chemical and toxic waste pollution of the earth, oceans; nuclear tests; GMO threat 7 initiating international technical supervision of the deterioration of the global ecosystem and the widespread rejection of GMOs; moratorium on nuclear testing; SHW and toxic waste eco-engineering
18 Military punitive actions contract political murder, financing of the revolution, local international war, continental war, world nuclear war, artificial pandemic 10 strengthening defense, intelligence and countering threats, open media coverage of the historical genocide of the peoples of Russia, cleaning the ranks of the state authorities
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