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The Main Forms Of Unfair Competition In The Modern World

Table 1:

Elements of the unfair competition factor Diagnosis Harm level Prescription
1 Illegal price manipulation dumping for the purpose of monopolization, inflating prices with artificial commodity deficiency or deception on the quality of goods/services, false discounting/installment 1 strengthening of competition legislation, supervision of the volume of production of goods, open unified state registry of legal entities of the Russian Federation, prices and quality characteristics of goods
2 Commodity and service falsification counterfeit goods and/or brand, materials, parts, design, qualification and class cheating 2 control of counterfeiting, supervision of guarantees, all-Russian QR – QMS, CSR, brand card in the media
3 Documentary forgery and commercial collusion forged acts, certificates, diplomas, licenses, warrants; secret cartels and syndicates; offshore holdings, financial pyramids, tax and fee evasion 4 all-Russian registry of licenses, diplomas and certificates, open unified state registry of juridical entities of the Russian Federation, open courts and imminent punishment with media coverage
4 Commercial official bribery corruption and forgery in companies, MFs and government bodies: L.Courts, MIA, FSS, FTS, MES, PFR, Rostekhnadzor, Sanepidnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, Rosstandard. 5 presumption of guilt of officials, polygraph, video and audio control, QMS, account of a plan, adding greater punitive measures for guilt, polygraph, video-audio control
5 Industrial espionage illegal possession of appliances, technical and technological solutions, inf. base, IT codes, software, ICT 4 control of patent law, increased responsibility for industrial and digital espionage, ICT encryption
6 Virtual information promotional actions and system misinformation spread of rumors, slander, false information and accusations, statistics; rating agencies; media and Internet advertising; NPO 5 Blocking unproven information; increased punishment; people's control of statistics and ICT; censorship of advertising in the media
7 Criminalization UPS movement, OCG, racketeering, stratification of society, poverty 6 youth state contract in Russia; people's rent payments in Russia
8 Criminal-repressive blackmail legal nihilism of the MIA and the public prosecution department employees; failure to comply with the civil presumption of innocence; corruption in the courts and the FPS 5 Mandatory video-audio recording of operational and investigative actions; people's control of the justice authorities and FPS
9 Physical and chemical-biological deterioration of food and medicine GMO food, chemical and radiation antiseptic, antibiotic supplements, biologically active additives, psychotropic pharmaceuticals, nano-chemical water and food change 4 open departmental control, free private and public supervision, QMS, CSR, improvement of GOST, OST and TU; tougher penalties
10 Illegal takeover takeover of businesses, "black real estate agents," false collectors, double dealers, false career lifting 6 corporate people's special supervision; toughening of the Criminal Code in the sphere of scams, loans, housing, labor
11 Technological subversive actions computer viruses, patent discrimination, ICT/STP intelligence, STP/technological terrorist attacks 7 localization and de-automation of key engineering sites; ICT counterintelligence, indicating
12 Cybernetic totalization illegal control of ICT, NLP information in ICT and media, optical, acoustic, electro and radio wave psychotronics 5 legal adaptation of the presumption of innocence to ICT, the creation and mass distribution of psychotronics recording devices.
13 Historical and educational inversions distorted and knowingly misinterpreted history in the textbooks of schools, secondary educational institutions, universities and the media, emancipation, tolerance 2 unified government textbooks on all subjects with alternative data on history, physics, geometry, etc.
14 Contractual annihilation defective performance or failure of deadlines, complete non-performance of economic contracts, tenders 3 insurance of commercial contracts, reputation, business liability; QMS; CSR
15 Political provocations falsification of the results of the elections to the executive and legislative bodies, failure to fulfill election promises and strategic plans 6 technical improvement of the electoral and counting procedures; introduction of accurate reporting and presumption of guilt of officials; QMS of authorities
16 Political corruption of the authorities bribery of city hall officials, administration of the region, L.Courts, Russian ministries, MIA, FSS, State Duma, Federal Assembly, The IC of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, S.Court 8 life sentence with confiscation of property without pardon and parole of both sides, people's special supervision, opened S.Court in the media
17 Physical and chemical-biological deterioration of the ecosystem GMOs in agriculture, soil science and engineering; DDT and other fertilizers, chemical trails, industrial and urban chemical, noise and electromagnetic, SHW pollution of the environment 6 creation and mass distribution of technical devices of universal control of the quality of matter, water and air, mandatory certification of standards of CSR, QMS, GOST, OST
18 Military punitive actions intimidation, mutilation, suicide, contract killing, mass terror, revolution, civil war, interstate war 9 ensuring the fulfillment of social obligations and economic objectives, teaching political literacy in schools, secondary educational institutions, universities, media and Internet
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