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Practical Basis Of Formation Of Professional Values Of The Would-Be Managers

Table 1:

Purpose: formation of the system of professional values of the would-be managers of hotel and restaurant services
Learning module Educational module
Preparatory Stage
Learning the principles of the organization of the restaurant and hotel services, and the system of professional values of the hospitality industry in German-speaking countriesContents: linguistic preparation with elements of intercultural learning Formation of the need to improve the professional activity, which in the future will be expressed in the improvement of the service level and in the increase of profitability of Russian restaurants and hotels.Contents: creative activities in the form of discussions, conferences, implementation of the project method.
Basic stage
Formation of knowledge, abilities, and skills of using a foreign language as an aspect of activity.Contents: linguistic (language, speech, country study) training with the in-depth usage of principles of intercultural learning. Stimulation of search, assessment, and selection of professional values.Contents: Learning and understanding the system of professional values and basic cultural standards by means of doing project tasks.
Final stage
Formation of professional knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide high-quality service to the guests of a restaurant or a hotel, and to increase the profitability of the Russian hospitality industry.Contents: studying German-language educational literature, text and electronic information sources regarding the organization of hotel and restaurant services. Designing the adopted system of professional values in life and professional perspective.Contents: approval, systematization, and building of the person’s own scale of professional values while studying culture and history of a German-speaking nation.
Outcome: high level of development of the system of professional values.
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