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The Housing And Utilities Sector Under The Digital Transformation

Table 1:

Development areas Content
1 Development of management and maintenance of the housing stock. Today, 81.3% of housing belong to individuals which contributes to a more responsible attitude to housing management. Owners of more than one million apartment buildings have already chosen a management form. The market infrastructure was created the Housing and Utilities Reform Support Fund, the Federal Housing Development Fund and the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending”).
2 Development of the property management system for the utilities sector using concession agreements and other mechanisms of public-private partnerships. In 2018, the share of property transferred for management, lease, concession to private owners was 12,8% in the total volume of state (municipal) property.
3 Completion of the transfer of benefits and subsidies for payment of housing and utilities in a cash form, which forms the basis of the reform of the housing and utilities sector. These measures are aimed at implementing market economy mechanisms and increasing responsibility of enterprises providing housing and utilities services.
4 Development of the resource and energy conservation system. Control over resources consumed is carried out by communal and individual instrument metering. According to the results of 2018, 96.2 percent of electric energy, 82.7 percent of gas, 48.7 percent of cold and hot water were supplied to consumers in accordance with metering devices
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