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Concept And Tools For Technology Transfer In The Digital Environment

Table 1:

Participant Economic Interests
State 1. Obtaining economic and reputational dividends, including:- the growth of budget revenues due to the growth of innovative products;- GDP growth and labor productivity;- Attracting foreign investors by increasing investment attractiveness.2. Transparency of the actions of all participants in the innovation process, understanding of their interests in order to smooth out contradictions and bridge gaps.3. The ability to monitor and manage innovative processes and projects.4. Creation of a base of projects, a knowledge base and a base of partners.
Business / Investors 1. Getting a competitive product in a competitive time frame.2. Return on investment, exponential growth in income.3. The ability to generate income for a long time from being tied to a business.4. Minimizing the risk of investing in a non-competitive product.5. Scaling a business.6. Protection of investor rights.7. Protection of intellectual property from unauthorized access and diversion to competitors.8. Search for a joint business partner.9. Minimizing the cost of finding partners.10. Minimizing the cost of promoting a business.
Science / Innovators 1. Find the consumer of your scientific product.2. Find quickly a partner in an innovative project (cooperation).3. Find quickly the missing resources (experimental sites, experimental equipment, etc.).4. Find a quick investor.5. Protection of intellectual property from unauthorized access and diversion to competitors.6. Getting solutions to problems in one place.7. Find an effective technology transfer model8. Promotion of its know-how to the consumer.9. Promotion of the image as an author.10. Minimization of transaction costs for finding partners.11. Minimization of risks (security).
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