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Resource Efficiency Assessment In Mineral Resources Management

Table 1:

Biosphere component Impact Impact Results
Water basin Water intake, drainage and transfer of water reservoirs and streams, polluted water discharge Water basin pollution and reduction of its reserves, violation of hydrogeological and hydrological regimes
Air basin Point-source and fugitive emissions of dust and gases into the atmosphere Dusting and gas pollution of the atmosphere
Soil landscape Mining and construction of buildings, structures and communications, construction of dumps Earth surface deformations, disturbance and deterioration of soil, reduction of productive land areas, erosion processes
Flora and fauna Construction of buildings, deforestation, disturbance of soil, pollution of water and atmosphere, noise Deterioration of living environment, reduction of wild animals number, oppressing and reduction in number of wild plants species, reduction of crop yields and livestock farming productivity
Mineral resources Mining operation, extraction of mineral resources, drainage of deposits Change in rock mass stress-strain state, subsoil pollution, induced earthquakes
Society Air, water, soil pollution, industrial disasters Increase in morbidity, decrease in life expectancy and worsening of living conditions, industrial disasters mortality
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