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ICT, Financial Development And Economic Growth in ASEAN Countries

Table 1:

Author Country Period of study Methods Main findings
Sassi and Goaied, (2013) 17 MENA countries 1960-2009 GMM The interaction between ICT penetration and financial development is found to be positive and significant in the growth regression. This implies that economies in the Mena region can only benefit from financial development once the threshold of ICT development
Pradhan, Mallik & Bagchi (2018) G-20 countries (EU countries) 2001-2012 Panel cointegration The effect of gross domestic capital formation is positive and significant in both the broadband and internet users’ cases.
Das, Chowdhury & Seaborn (2016) 43 developing countries 2000-2014 GMM The joint effect of ICT and finance is positive, suggesting that the direct effect of ICT diffusion on economic growth in developing countries is realized because of the development of the financial sector.
Sepehrdoust (2018) 15 OPEC Countries 2002-2015 GMM The results extracted from the econometric model showed that an increment of one percent in the financial development index and ICT variables caused economic growth to increase, respectively
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