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Study On Academic Performance And Learning Strategies Of Tertiary Level Students

Table 2:

Learning strategies Mean Standard deviation
Rehearsal 5.2756 0.91089
Practice saying the material to myself over and over 4.9551 1.37194
I read my class notes and the course readings over and over again 5.2949 1.32848
Memorize key words to remind me of important concepts in this class 5.5705 1.26345
Make lists of important items for this course and memorize the lists 5.2821 1.31670
Elaboration 5.0278 1.06276
Pull together information from different sources, such as lectures 4.8141 1.25677
Relate ideas in this subject to those in other courses whenever possible 4.9167 3.16219
Try to relate the material to what I already know 5.1667 1.22058
Write brief summaries of the main ideas from the readings and note 4.7885 1.41653
Making connections between the readings and the concepts 5.2821 1.17199
Apply ideas from course readings in other class activities 5.1987 1.43641
Organization 5.0705 1.00313
Outline the material to help me organize my thoughts 5.3205 1.25258
Go through the notes and find the most important ideas 5.2628 1.26345
Make simple charts, diagrams, or tables to organize course material 4.5577 1.77963
I go over my class notes and make an outline of important concepts 5.1410 1.22382
Critical Thinking 4.8167 0.88951
Often find myself questioning things I hear or read 4.5192 1.28043
Try to decide if there is good supporting evidence 4.9487 1.24128
Treat as a starting point and try to develop my own ideas 4.7244 1.33984
Play around with ideas of my own related to what I am learning 4.9167 1.29783
Think about possible alternatives 4.9744 1.17831
Metacognitive Self-Regulation 4.8910 0.99456
Missed important points because I'm thinking of other things 3.6731 1.68658
Make up questions to help focus my reading 4.8013 1.44978
When confused, I breading for this class, go back and try to figure it out 5.0321 1.27009
change the way I read the material 5.1987 1.21311
Often skim it to see how it is organized 4.6090 1.43262
I ask myself questions to make sure I understand the material 4.8846 1.42084
I try to change the way I study 5.0705 1.29859
Often find that I have been reading 3.5962 1.69652
Try to think through a topic 4.9615 1.32201
Try to determine which concepts I don't understand well 5.2756 1.30087
Set goals for myself 5.0128 1.34660
If I get confused, I make sure I sort it out afterwards 5.0192 1.29044
Time/ Study Environment Management 4.7612 0.73844
Study in a place where I can concentrate on my course work 5.5000 1.25008
Make good use of my study time for this course 5.1218 1.24411
I find it hard to stick to a study schedule 3.3974 1.58644
I have a regular place set aside for studying 4.9423 1.37146
Make sure that I keep up with the weekly readings 4.9679 1.28017
I attend this class regularly 5.6923 1.27108
I don't spend very much time on this course because of other activities 4.4744 1.40942
I rarely find time to review my notes or readings before an examination 3.3782 1.67195
Effort Regulation 4.6843 0.57400
I often feel so lazy or bored when I study 4.6795 1.67826
I work hard to do well in this class 5.0000 1.50455
I either give up or only study the easy parts 4.1667 1.77816
I manage to keep working until I finish 5.3269 1.19033
Peer Learning 4.7933 0.87119
Often try to explain the material to a classmate or friend 4.7372 1.33280
Try to work with other students to complete the assignments 5.4231 1.28828
Often set aside time to discuss course with a group of students 4.5128 1.55287
Help Seeking 4.7885 0.76874
Try to do the work on my own without help from anyone 3.7051 1.56414
I ask the instructor to clarify concepts I don't understand well 4.9103 1.42270
I ask another student in this class for help 5.3974 1.27645
Identify students in this class whom I can ask for help if necessary 5.1410 1.31011
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