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Online Reputation As A Determining Factor In Tourist Consumer Behavior

Table 2:

Variables Mean Standard deviation Internal consistency reliability coefficient
Online Review Elements 3.58 0.841
Reviews are convincing 3.64 0.836
Reviews are strong 3.55 0.952
Reviews are good 3.86 0.822
Reviews emphasize the positive aspects of the destination 3.89 1.043
Reviews emphasize positive opinions on the destination 3.79 0.965
Reviews relate to the positive and negative aspects of the destination 3.74 1,147
Opinions published online are not controversial 3.45 1.028
Opinions published online are similar to each other 3.23 0.945
Reviewers expressed similar views on the destination 3.41 0.895
Review authors had a similar experience in destination 3.41 1.069
Attitude to reputation by the user 3.67 0.874
I want to understand the online reputation of a destination in general 3.89 1.105
I want to know what aspects of the destination have a negative online reputation 3.65 1.174
I want to understand if users have a general opinion about the destination 3.86 1.063
I want to know if the destination has provided travelers with what I would like to receive 3.85 1.168
I want to determine the prevailing opinion published on social networks 3.73 1.209
I want to find content that is different from the prevailing opinion expressed on social networks 3.78 1.349
Trust in social networks 3.55 0.854
The comments of other travelers are generally reliable 3.64 0.973
Other travelers reviews are in good faith 3.43 0.973
Reviews from other travelers are a reliable source of tourist information 3.71 0.996
The reviews, ratings and comments of other travelers are more truthful than the ratings presented in official sources 3.67 1.085
Opinions are credible 3.37 0.895
Opinions are diverse 3.55 0.933
Decision making 3.61 0.688
Social media reviews are useful for making the right decision 3.56 1.074
Other people recommended me which destination to choose 3.55 1.089
A choice of the destination is made by a friend or family member 2.96 1.164
Members of the group I usually travel with agreed on my choice of destination 3.88 0.933
I’m going to the destination because everyone goes to this place 2.42 1.274
Attractive nature is the determining condition for choosing a destination 3.78 1.053
Climate is a determining factor when choosing a destination 3.85 1.112
I can find many activities at the destination 3.89 0.975
A trip to a destination will probably improve my health 4.11 0.949
A destination might be a good place to relax. 4.10 0.947
Demand conditions 3.71
The destination is popular all over the world. 3.54 1.176 0.808
Destination online image leaves a positive impression 3.78 0.896
Destination is attractive 4.17 0.789
Destination has a positive image 4.17 0.819
Destination offers interesting events 3.43 1.011
The destination provides high quality services 3.63 0.978
Destination is well advertised 3.19 0.954
Being in a destination seems safe 3.87 0.838
Staying at a destination is not expensive 3.32 1.121
Easy to get to the destination 3.89 1.021
Total 3.87
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