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Innovative Technologies And Solutions In The Urban Economy Of The Regions

Table 1:

Tasks Criteria for evaluation
1. Improving the quality of life Аn increase in the number of residents, an increase in population incomes, an increase in positive guest reviews, an increase in the flow of tourists, and expansion of economic networks
2. Improving the quality of the living environment Introduction of new, advanced architectural and planning solutions, visual improvement of the environment, reduction in the number of complaints and lawsuits on the condition of the road surface, improvement of environmental indicators, etc.
3. Improving place in a variety of ratings of the best living areas Ratings
4. Selection and justification of priority areas of activity GDP growth, confirmation of the estimated efficiency of enterprises, reduction of unemployment, increase in income of the working population
5. Selection and justification of optimal forms and directions of development The growth in the number of population, the number of new enterprises, the growth of GDP, the increase in income of the working population
6. Identification of sales markets for promising production areas and the search for investors GDP growth, increase in the trade surplus and foreign trade balance, growth in the number of new enterprises
7. Cash flow control Reducing tariff growth for all kinds of works and services, in the long term - reduction of tariffs, growth of incomes of the population and communal operators, other enterprises of the construction and communal complexes
8. Modernization and updating of fixed assets Reducing the number of accidents in the utility sector, mastering new areas of activity, increasing the speed and quality of service, etc.
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