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Management Of Website Development Business Process In The It Company

Table 2:

Task Tools Application
Determining the most priority task at the moment Kanban boardGantt chart Using the Kanban Board or Gantt chart, the designer quickly navigates the current flow of tasks and chooses the most urgent at the moment
Obtaining technical specifications by the designer. Map of projects Project log The designer accepts the task in the system of project management, receives the necessary information from this task, and refers to the project log if there is a need for additional information.
Studying the target audience for proper selection of style. Cloud file storage The designer turns to cloud file storage and finds the already conducted analysis of the target audience.
Discussing the technical aspects of layout creation with web designer and programmer Work chat within tasks The designer contacts colleagues within the task and asks questions. All correspondence is saved in case of future misunderstandings.
Discussing the developed layout and approving corrections with customers. Unified contact system. All contacts associated with the customer are entered into the project management system. The customer also has access to the project and can trace the development in real time. There is no need to specify the exact time of connection.
Transfer of developed layout to the designer and setting corresponding tasks. Cloud file storage. All documents, as well as their versions and modifications, are stored in the project management system. Documents are attached to tasks and projects, so they are hard to lose. The option of search for tasks, projects and documents.
Closing the task and defining project time. Accounting of time spent The designer stops his timer at the end of the work. Analytics is automatically entered into the system and will be available to the manager in the future to monitor employees.
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