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Digital Competencies As The Basis Of HR Managers’ Professional Culture

Table 1:

Analysis of various job vacancies Analysis of hr manager’s vacancies
The ability to work with version control systems and managing application integration The ability to „speak one language” with it specialists
Independent development and implementation of solutions, software architecture design The ability to use different sources of attraction in the it sector, quality networking
The ability to devise an it strategy Mastery of tools for quick search and selection of personnel via the internet (social networks, plug-ins and browser extensions, boolean search, sites like
Ensuring information security Passion for modern it-technologies - knowledge of popular frameworks and tools
Knowledge of web technologies and specifics of internet promotion Understanding the logic of boolean search (boolean search is a way of organizing queries in a search engine through certain commands)
Monitoring the latest trends and technological innovations in the it market A strong interest in the it/digital sphere and a desire to develop in it hr & recruitment
Administration skills
The ability to use social networks
Conducting business negotiations through social networks
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