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Khakass And English In Electronic Bilingual Lexicography

Table 2:

TartylghyGenitive -nyng/-ning, -tyng/-ting palanyng ‘of a child’izhening ‘mother’s’
PirilgiDative -ghа/-ge, -hа/-hе, -а/-е aalgha ‘village (as indirect object)’agas-ha ‘tree (as indirect object)’
KorimgiAccusative -ny/ni, -ty/-ti palany ‘child (as direct object)’
ОrynghyLocative -da/-dе, -tа/-tе aalda ‘in the village’
SyghynghyAblative -dаng/-deng, -tang/-teng, -nang/-neng turadang ‘from the building’
YzylghyAllative -zar/-zer, -sar/-ser aalzar ‘to the village’
PudirgiInstrumental -nang/-neng Palanang ‘with the child’
TingnestirigComparative -cha/-chе,- zhа/-zhе, turazha ‘in comparison with the house’
SyltaglyghPrepositional (without prepositions) -dangar/-denger, -tangar/-tenger, -nangar/-nenger paladangar ‘about the child’
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