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The Lexical Approach In Teaching English For Economics Online

Table 1:

Question Options
Which language classes do you prefer in general regardless of coronavirus restrictions? On-lineOff-lineBlended learning
Why do you prefer this type of class? it's convenient (no commute time) and productive at the same time (on-line)it's interactive and interesting (on-line)many tools can be used during an on-line lessonI prefer off-line classes, nothing could be better than real communicationother
How many on-line educational tools (Kahoot, Quizlet, etc.) and platforms (Zoom, Discord, etc.) have you ever tried? 12–3more than 3
Which distance learning tools do you preferto remember new words and collocations? QuizletKahootVoc lists and hand-written cardsGoogle Jamboardother
Which distance learning tools do you preferto practise speaking? Discussions on Zoom/Discord guided by the instructorWorking in pairs on Zoom under instructor supervisionOnline English conversation clubs on the InternetAudio Messages in What's AppOther
When do you prefer to use IT tools ? during classesfor home tasks
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