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Cognitive Way Of Thinking In Teaching To Figure Out Physics Problems

Table 2:

Question Answer choice Cognitive style Number of responses
I. If you were asked to fulfil a task in different forms, which one would you choose? A task with open questions. Figure out of problems. 1. Integral 2. Differential 1. 142. 15
II. What form of work during Physics lesson do you prefer? Calculations.Proving hypotheses, statements, theorems.Work on my own.Teamwork. 1 – 3 Differential4. Integral 1. 132. 73. 24. 19
III. What forms of studying natural sciences you find the most appropriate? Brainstorm.Highlighting the main point of the problem.Forecasting results.Conducting an experiment, making conclusions based on it, analyzing the results. 1-3. Integral4. Differential 1. 132. 93. 34. 14
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