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Semantic Meaning Of Phenomenon Of The “Network Educational Interaction

Table 6:

Questionnaire Components
1 2 3 4 5
In which space would you prefer to interact with colleagues when solving a particular problem? In real with elements of virtual or in virtual with elements of real, as needed? ,761
Can you consider yourself a network personality? Yes/No -,652
How often is educational interaction an event for you? Often/Never -,571
To organize a productive educational interaction, would you rather choose a “live” teacher, or an “electronic” teacher? ,551 ,468
Have you seen (before the conference) the definition of "network personality"? Yes/ No -,463 ,413 ,435
Age? ,862
Teaching Experience? ,853
In our understanding: a person who is able to satisfy his own cognitive or communicative needs at the time of their occurrence or at the peak of interest is a network personality (the right to satisfy these needs is a value for such a person). At what age is the appearance of such a person possible? In the early age/ in the adult age -,516 -,478
Who, in your opinion, can be the subject of educational interaction? Individual or collective subject/ artificial intelligence
How often is educational interaction a situation for you? Often/ Never ,752
When organizing your professional activity, do you take into account the appearance of such a phenomenon as “network personality” today? Yes/No ,786
The scope of your teaching activity? -,607
When solving professional problems, which of the subjects do you refer first? To an individual or collective subject/to artificial intelligence
How often is educational interaction an episode for you? Often/Never -,562
What is of paramount importance to you when organizing educational interaction? Process/ Result -,438 -,511
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