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Quoting As A Form Of Dialogism In The Postmodern Text

Table 1:

Variety Semantic compression of the chapter Semantic lines of the text
Topics abstract notions (time, revenge)
Elements of quoting 1.allusions with attribution2.allusions without attribution allusions without attribution
Position in the text 1.epigraph (21)2.title of the chapter (5) Inside the text (9)
Function 1. semantic cohesion of the chapter2. a clue to the character’s inner world 1. semantic cohesion of the text2. semantic integrity of the text3. a clue to the character’s inner world
Examples Nous devons nous y habituer: aux plus importantes croisées des chemins de notre vie, il n'y a pas de signalisation. [We have to get used to the idea that at the most important crossroads in our life there are no signs.] Ernest Hemingway (Musso, Ch.1) Il ne pouvait pas continuer à mener ce type de vie. Il ne pouvait pas sauver tout le monde. Le costume de mère Teresa était trop lourd. [He could not continue living this way of life. He could not save the entire world. The gown of Mother Teresa was too burdensome.] (Musso, Ch.3)
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